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Is it possible to book a passenger ticket or a car ticket with your service?


No, we do not sell passenger tickets. You can order only ferry tickets for freight transport from 3.5 t. For passenger tickets and tickets for vehicles up to 3.5 t, please contact any tourism agency.

Where to register?


Registration is performed in the port area allocated for freight transport. The port address that you need as well as all other relevant information is given during your booking confirmation. In case of uncertainty, you can always contact a manager assigned to you.

What should I do if I am late for registering?


If you see that you are not able to register for the booked travel, contact your personal manager as soon as possible. We will do our best to extend the registration time for your ticket and ask the registration service to wait for you.

When do I need to register at the port?


Registration time may vary depending on the ferry lines and the type of vehicle (freight) to be transported. In most cases, a vehicle accompanied by a driver must be registered at least 2.5 hours before the departure time. If the freight is dangerous, oversized or unaccompanied, registration must be done 3-4 hours before the departure time. If you want to check registration times - contact us and we will give the information. Along with the booking confirmation, from us you will always receive information about the exact times of registration relevant to your booking. We would like to remind you that it is very important to register in time, otherwise the vehicle may not be taken on the ferry.

Can I book a ferry ticket with an open date (without any fixed date or time)?


Tickets with an open date can only be booked for the following routes:

  • Calais<->Dover – the ticket is valid until 14th day from the booking date
  • Dunkerque<->Dover – the ticket is valid until 14th day from the booking date
  • Rodby<->Puttgarden – the ticket is valid until 7th day from the booking date
  • Rostock<->Gedser – the ticket is valid until 7th day from the booking date
  • Helsingor<->Helsingborg – the ticket is valid until 7th day from the booking date

Tickets for all other destinations are valid only for the booked date and time.

What are the ferry ticket cancellation terms and fines?


Please contact our team for cancellation terms and fines applicable to your route.

Is the cabin and food included in the ferry ticket price?


It depends on the operator and duration of the ferry travel. For longer or night-time travel, meal and a place in a 2 or 4-person cabin are included. When it is a short route, better ask whether the cost of a ferry ticket includes meal and a cabin as it depends on the ferry operator. If the meal and the cabin are not included in the price, you can buy food on board and relax in special areas of common use. If you need information about a particular route, please contact us and we will give the exact information.

Do I have to pay for a second driver?


Only a small part of the ferry operator exempts the second driver. The price of his trip depends on the ferry operator and route. Remember that it is very important to indicate during the booking how many drivers travel. If information about the second driver is not provided in advance, it may not be possible for him to get on the ferry when arrives at the port. In order to avoid any problems, please provide this information at the time of booking.

Can ferry ticket prices vary?


Some ferry operators fix the annual price which is valid from January to December. However, the majority of ferry operators recalculate prices on a monthly basis for BAF*. Also, the ticket price varies depending on the chosen date, time, freight weight, etc.

* BAF (Bunker adjustment factor) is a tax that may increase, decrease or disappear depending on changes in world fuel prices. BAF is usually determined by two circumstances – fuel price fluctuations and exchange rates. As oil is sold for USA dollars in global markets, BAF often also depends on the dollar and euro ratio, and not just on fuel price.

Can I book the ferry ticket for an unaccompanied vehicle?


Yes, most of the ferry operators will accept unaccompanied vehicles (cars, various machines, trucks, semi-trailers, etc.). Please note that all unaccompanied vehicles must be delivered to the port at least 3-4 hours before the ferry departure. Otherwise, port workers may not be able to timely organize vehicle towage and you will have to wait for another departure.

How long before the day of travel I need to book the ferry ticket?


In most cases, we can book your ticket as late as half an hour before the scheduled time of travel. However, we always recommend booking at least 2-3 days before the scheduled date of the travel. The later is made the booking, the more risk that the ferry will already be loaded and there will be no space for your vehicle.

What data are required to book the ferry ticket?


The following data are required for booking:

  • Vehicle type and dimensions
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Load type and weight (for dangerous freight is IMO declaration is required)
  • Number of drivers
  • Date and time of departure of the ferry
  • Ferry route

What is the difference between booking of the ferry passenger tickets and freight tickets?


In most cases, tickets for vehicles up to 3.5 t are booked in the passenger department while for others which exceed 3.5 t tickets are booked in the freight vehicle department. Please note that ferry operators periodically carry out port inspections. If you have booked a passenger ticket but the operator treats the vehicle as a freight vehicle category, you will need to immediately pay the difference in the ticket prices. If you are unsure to which vehicle category your vehicle belongs, please contact us.