It is not worth to look for the cheapest ferry tickets

It is important for each carrier that the freight safely and quickly reaches the final destination. When forwarding the freight, it is expected that there will be no unforeseen obstacles. Of course, it is not possible to predict everything but it is possible to take care that the freight is successfully transported by the planned ferry travel.

Confirmed or reserved

Often there are occasions when a carrier is tempted to buy cheaper tickets offered by little known agencies. A lower price may seem reasonable – after all, the ticket is sold by a small company that has not yet acquired a reputation. However, before purchasing cheap tickets, it is necessary to make sure that they are confirmed tickets, and not reserved tickets that do not guarantee your travel on the particular ferry. Having acquired the reserve ticket, the driver will wait in a queue, and these who arrive first will have more possibilities to get into the ferry. It is important to note that the drivers waiting in the reserve queue will be admitted to the ferry only if the passengers included in the main list do not arrive in time. On the extremely busy holidays there can be from 30 to 200 cars in the queue so there is a risk of not getting into the relevant ferry at all.

The carrier who does not get on board will have more troubles

It is obvious that the carrier who does not get on board will have more troubles, such as financial loss or damage to the corporate reputation due to failure to carry-out the order in time. It is easy to avoid these troubles by making sure that you acquire not the reserve tickets. Particularly on holidays when there are many waiting in the reserve queue, it may happen that you will miss not only the planned departure but also the subsequent. Therefore, if the route of you freight is strictly planned, having missed the planned ferry, you can be late for the other ferry or not deliver the freight on time. Depending on the terms of your contract with the customers, penalties may be imposed for delay of the freight transportation or such a delay may be treated as non-delivery. Even worse, if you transport goods that quickly perish, for the quality of freight even a few hours spent at the port waiting for the next travel may be of crucial importance.

You can escape stress having trusted partners

When you get an attractive offer to buy ferry tickets, first of all you need to find out what type they are – that guarantee a place on the ferry or reserve. Agencies that sell tickets often send only the number of the ticket to the customer, and it is not clear of which type is the ticket. Therefore, it is very important to contact the agency and ask of which kind your ticket is. To ensure the quality of your customer service, choose reliable partners and you will not have to worry whether the freight will reach your final destination on time. For several times, we had to help carriers who had found out at the last minute that they have the reserve tickets. We have been cooperating with them successfully so far, and we remind that you choose reliable consultants for the ferry tickets.