General information

UAB „Ferry bookings“ (hereinafter „us“ or „Data controller“) is the manager of this webpage. We are using this privacy policy (hereinafter – „Privacy policy“) to determine and explain how are your personal data collected and then used, while you are using this webpage. The conditions set out in the Privacy policy are applied each time you would like to access our provided content and (or) service, without regard to what device (computer, mobile telephone, tablet device, etc.) you are using.

Data management requisites:

UAB „Ferry bookings“
Legal entity code: 303313156
Registered headquarters at: R. Kalantos str. 49, Kaunas

We hereby confirm, that your data will be collected according to the requirements of valid legal acts of European Union and the Republic of Lithuania, as well as instructions from controlling institutions, and all reasonable technical and administrative measures will be applied to ensure that the data we have collected about you to be protected from loss, illegal use and (or) changes. Data controller’s employees have obliged in written to refrain from disclosing to third parties and disseminating at the workplace the information they receive.

Persons younger than 14 years of age cannot provide any personal data through our webpage / social network accounts. In case you are under 14 years of age, you have to receive the consent of your legal representatives (parents, foster parents, caregivers, guardians) prior to providing personal information.

The definitions used in the Privacy policy are understood the way they are described in the General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679 (EU).

It is very important that you would carefully read the Privacy policy, since each time you visit this webpage you accept the conditions laid out here. In case you do not accept these conditions, we ask of you to refrain from visiting our webpage and using our content and (or) services.

Please click the “Know more” field at each section, in order to find explicit information regarding the way we manage your personal data and our business specifics.

How are we collecting information about you?

Your personal data, i.e. any information about you, which allows us to recognize you is collected in different ways:

  • You can provide that information (personal data) by yourselves;
  • The information about you can be collected automatically;\
  • In certain cases, we receive information about you from third parties and can collect information about you from publicly accessible sources.

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You can provide us your personal data directly, this usually takes place, when:

  • You conclude an agreement with us (purchase-sales, rent, service provision);
  • You provide your requests and (or) claims to us;
  • You call us or address us by e-mail;
  • You order our newsletter or provide a request;

Information about you can be collected automatically. This usually takes place, when:

  • You provide a request through a social media (“Facebook”, “Linkedin”) account;
  • You write public posts through a social media (“Facebook”, “Linkedin”) platform, which is administrated by us;
  • You use our webpage (data collected through the use of cookies and similar technologies. More information about the cookies we use can be found below).

We can collect information about you from third parties to the extent it is allowed by law. It can be information provided by our partners, marketing agencies, your publicly accessible profile information, i.e. (“Facebook”, “Linkedin”).

We can relate the information about you, received from yourself, public and commercial sources with other information that we receive from you or about you.

We can collect information about you in other cases, which are not discussed in the Privacy policy, however, if that would take place – we will inform you additionally.

What information (personal data) about you do we process?

Although we try to collect as little of information about you, we collect the following information:

  • Information necessary for us to sell/rent you our products or provide our services;
  • Information which you provide by calling or writing us via e-mail;
  • Information needed to execute the request you have provided;
  • Information needed to determine your personality;
  • Information about the device you use.

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Information that we collect directly from you will be obvious from the circumstances and context. For example:

  • For the purchase/provision of goods and (or) services we manage your following information: name, surname, personal code, residence address, telephone number, e-mail address, payment type, workplace and other information, which can be required for the provision of services and (or) purchase of goods.

Information, which we collect automatically usually fits the following description:

  • Information regarding how you are using our webpage (device information: IP address, operation system version and equipment, which you use to access the content, parameters; connection information: your session usage time and duration, as well as what information is kept in the cookies, which we have determined at your device (the cookie policy is provided below); location information: device GPS signal or information regarding the closes “WiFi” access points and mobile connection towers, which can be transferred to us while you were using the content of our webpage.

Information which we receive from third parties or publicly accessible source is usually as follows:

  • Your e-mail address, name, and surname.

You can choose to refrain from providing us some of the information (i.e. the mandatory information, requested in order to conclude the purchase-sale or service provision agreement), however in this case you may be prohibited to purchase goods or, correspondingly, use the service.

Important: UAB “Ferry bookings” employees do not request you to share your login (connection) data, bank card numbers, passwords or any other information, the use of which can cause you financial or any other damage neither in writing nor by telephone or any other ways.

Data processing objectives and legal basis

The information provided above is processed for the following objectives:

  • To conclude an agreement with you or to implement such an agreement (i.e. a goods purchase-sales, service provision, rent agreements) and to transfer information related to the agreement and other agreement related issues;
  • To transfer data needed to conclude or execute agreements (including actions prior to the conclusion of the agreement) to our partners (i.e. insurance companies, banks);
  • Issue and send accounts, manage accountancy;
  • Provide you with other services;
  • Provide information, related to the sales of the goods or provision of the service or other information at your request;
  • Get to know how users use our provided internet services so that you could improve them and create new content;
  • Protect our interests in court or other institution;
  • In order to execute our obligations according to applied legal acts (i.e. to preserve your personal data for a period of time, in case such a period is specified in legal acts, provide data to the law enforcement institutions, in case such an obligation is provided in the legal acts or we have received a substantiated request from an institution, etc.);
  • In other ways with your consent.

We inform you that we have the right to send advertising information about our goods and services to our clients’ e-mail addresses, which we received by selling goods or providing services to them, and our clients have the right (now or at any other later time) to refuse to receive such direct marketing content that we send, by notifying us regarding their will at, or by using a refusal link in the e-mail with the advertising information. The revocation of your consent will not affect the management of your personal data, which took place prior to such a revoke in any way.

Your personal data is processed according to one or several legal data processing substantiations:

  • Execution of legal act requirements;
  • Execution of an agreement, concluded with you;
  • Our legal interests, unless your private interests are more important;
  • In separate cases – according to your consent.

Who do we transfer your personal data to?

We can transfer your personal data to:

  • Companies, which provide services at our request (i.e. accountancy services companies);
  • Other group companies;
  • Responsibly chosen business partners (i.e. in case we conclude a financing or insurance agreement, we can transfer your data to the leasing, credit and insurance companies);
  • Law-enforcement institutions;
  • Other parties, whenever it is required by laws or it is needed in order to protect our legal interests (i.e. for courts, persons participating in debt recollection procedures, bailiffs).

To what countries is your personal data transferred?

Sometimes we may need to transfer your personal data to other countries, where a lower level of personal data protection policy may be implied. In such cases, we would do everything we can to ensure the safety of transferred personal data.

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In very rare instances we might send your personal data to countries outside of the European Economic Area limits. In such cases, we take care that one of the following safety measures would be enacted:

  • The agreement we sign with the data recipient would be supported by the European Commission approved Standard agreement conditions;
  • In case of sending data to a group company, Company mandatory rules may be applied;
  • The recipient of the data could be located in a country, which is accepted by the European Commission as applying adequate data protection standards;
  • We would receive a permit from the Stata data protection inspection.

What do we do to protect your personal data?

We install smart and corresponding physical and technical measures to protect the information that we collect for the purposes of providing content/services. However, please do not forget, that although we take proper actions to protect your personal data, there is no single webpage, internet operation, computer system or a wireless connection that would be absolutely safe.

How long will we keep your personal data?

We shall keep your personal data for a period of time, which is needed to achieve the planned objective. After the achievement of such objective the personal data is deleted, with the exception of cases when legal acts oblige us to keep the information for tax causes or the data could be needed for the implementation of a pre-trial investigation, however, in any case, the keeping period cannot be longer than 10 years. After the end of such a term, the data will be deleted in a way, that they could not be reproduced.

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Usually, personal data is kept for the following periods:

Personal data

Safekeeping period

Agreement data

12 years after the end/termination of the agreement

Payment data

10 years after the day of the payment operation

Analytics data

Usually, this data is collected automatically while you are using the webpage and are then anonymized / generalized immediately after their receipt

Your rights

A data subject, whose data is processed in the Data controller‘s activities, depending on the situation, has the following rights:

  • To know (be informed) about your data processing (the right to know);
  • To familiarize with your data and how they are processed (the right to familiarize);
  • To Demand to correct and, taking into account the objectives of data processing, update the incomplete personal data (the right to correct);
  • To demand to delete your personal data (the right “to be forgotten”);
  • To demand that the Data Controller would limit the processing of your personal data in case one of the lawful reasons is present (the right to limit);
  • To demand to transfer personal data from the Data controller (the right to transfer);
  • At any time refuse to consent with the processing of your personal data, when such a processing is executed for the benefit of the public interest or the data is processed in order to fulfill the lawful interest of the Data controller or third party interests; whenever the person’s data is processed for direct marketing purposes – at any time refuse consent, for the data to be processed for these purposes, including profiling (the right to disagree);
  • Provide a complaint to the State data protection inspection;


We provide you with the possibility to implement your rights in a comfortable way. You can do that by calling us at the published telephone number, writing us an e-mail at this e-mail address or by using specific hyperlinks, presented together with our advertising content, at its bottom, in case we would provide you with such advertising content.

In case you think that your rights or freedoms have been breached, we invite you to first contact us. We will try our best to answer all of your questions and to solve all and any arising problems, to the extent it is legally possible so that we could be sure in your personal data processing legality and safety.

We may not provide you with conditions to implement the above-mentioned rights in cases, specified by laws, when we need to ensure the prevention of crime, professional or statute ethics breach, investigation and determination, as well as the protection of the data subject or other person’s rights and liberties.

Know more…

Your rights will be implemented after your personality will be approved live (by providing a personal identification document: personal ID card or passport) or via means of electronic communications: (

Your right

Specific limitations

The right to know

You have the right to receive information related to the data processing in a compressed, simple and understandable language prior to the start of your personal data processing.

The right to familiarize

This right means the following:

  • Approval if we are really processing your personal data
  • Providing a list of your personal data we are processing;
  • Providing a list of objectives or a legal basis for the processing of your personal data;
  • Confirmation if we are sending the data to third countries and if it is so, which safety measures have we installed;
  • Providing the source, where we received our personal data;
  • Information if profiling is applied;
  • Data protection period specification.

The above-mentioned information will be provided with a condition, that it will not harm the rights and liberties of other persons.

The right to correct

Applied in case the information we hold, related to your personal data, is incomplete or incorrect.

The right “to be forgotten”

Applied if:

  • The information we own is no longer needed for the achievement of determined objectives;
  • We process the data according to your consent and you revoke it;
  • We process the data on the basis of lawful interest and after the submission of your request it is determined, that your private interests are more important;
  • Information was received in an unlawful way.

The right to limit

This right can be implemented during a period of time, while we analyze the situation, i.e.:

  • In case you dispute the accuracy of the information;
  • In case you are against the processing of personal data when it is executed according to a lawful interest basis;
  • We use information unlawfully; however, you disagree that it would be deleted;
  • Information is not needed by us, however, you demand to keep it due to a court dispute.

The right to data transfer

This right can be implemented if you have provided your data and we process them in an automatic way, according to your consent, or agreement, concluded with you.

The right to disagree

This right can be implemented, whenever such data processing is executed for the benefit of the public interest or the data is processed in order to fulfill the lawful interest of the Data controller or third party interests. While processing your personal data according to such a basis, we have the obligation to prove that your data is processed for compelling legitimate reasons, which are more important than your interests.

You can also disagree at any time with the processing of your personal data for the purposes of direct marketing, including profiling, depending on how much it is related to such a direct marketing.

The right to provide a complaint to the State data protection inspection

More information at

Cookies, signals, and similar technologies

We use the term “cookies” in the Privacy policy to describe the cookies and other similar technologies, i.e. the pixel tags, web beacons, clear GIF’s.

Whenever you visit our webpage, we would like to provide you with such content and functions, which would be adapted to specifically Your needs. We need cookies to do so. These are small information elements, which are saved on your internet webpage. They help the Data controller to recognize you as a previous visitor of a specific webpage, save you webpage visiting history and adapt the content according to that. Cookies also help to ensure the proper functioning of the webpage, allow to record the webpage visiting time, frequency and collect statistic information regarding the number of webpage visitors. Analyzing this data allows us to improve our webpage and make it better for using.

Contact us

In case you have found a Privacy policy inconsistency, a safety loophole at our webpage or you have questions, related to the processing of your personal data, please address us at a time convenient for you.

UAB „Ferry bookings“
Legal entity code: 303313156
Registered headquarters at: R. Kalantos str. 49, Kaunas

Final provisions

The privacy policy is reviewed and updated according to the needs of the Company, however, not less often than once per two years, or in case the legal acts, regulating the protection of personal data, change and (or) are amended. After the Privacy policy is updated, we will inform you about the changes we deem essential, by publishing an announcement on the webpage. In case you will connect to or use our provided content and (or) services after the announcement of such message, we will account as your consent with the new requirements, specified in the update.

This privacy policy has been last updated on 21 May 2018.